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We strive for becoming an enterprise, which implements up-to-date technologies. Therefore we do our best to meet customers' views, and we prize employees' professional and moral qualities above everything.

Mission of the Company:

  • continuous renewal of manufacturing facilities;
  • analysis of industry development world trends;
  • improvement of the sales system and management efficiency.

Liabilities of the Company to:


  • satisfaction of ever-increasing customers' demands by means of production of high-quality and competitive goods, which go along with the concept of health and taste, as well as by means of engraining consumption culture and arousing pride for the produced goods;
  • building of ethical and confidence relations with customers.


  • investment efficiency;
  • profitability of the enterprise, earnings increase and satisfaction of interests of all the parties.

Business partners:

  • make cooperation professional, long-term and mutually profitable;


  • provision of respectable wages and satisfaction of the employees' wants for their conscientious and efficient work;
  • provision of conditions for employees' training and efficient work.


  • decent contribution to the economy of the state; safeguarding of envirosafe production in order to save environment for next generations; production of safe goods with the use of natural raw materials;
  • the company stands for reasonable beer consumption by people of the legal age.