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JSC “Brestskoye Pivo” provides a tastings on the territory of the enterprise, during which you will learn about the history of the enterprise, about the technology of brewing and tasting a beer.

The brewer will tell you about the stages of production and answer your questions. After visiting the production, you'll can taste two beers (light and dark) with light meals in a beautiful tasting room.

Visit of production and tasting of beer last 50-60 minutes. Tastings are held for groups at least 7 people.

The company does not provide translation services.

Tasting service cost is 20 BYN (Belarusian Rubles).

The price of the tasting includes: 0.5 l of light beer, 0.5 l of dark beer, a light snack.

The degustation of beer is available only for persons over 18 years old.


tel.: +375 162 27-03-05 (27-03-72)