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Brestskoye Pivo JSC is a sign of the traditional Belarusian quality, symbol of devotion to the business.  The plant is equipped with up-to-date foreign machinery and outfit. All the employees are highly skilled experts. Owing to these facts, the goods produced at the enterprise are of high quality; they comply with the standards and meet increasing customers' demands. Brestskoye Pivo Joint-Stock Company was founded according to the Order of the Brestoblimuszestvo Committee #250 of December 29, 2001 by means of transformation of Brest Non-Alcoholic Beverages Plant Utility Unitary Enterprise. Brestskoye Pivo Joint-Stock Company is a legal successor of the named enterprise. The JSC started its production activity in 1970, when there was constructed a brewing and wine-producing plant according to the Decree of the Council of Ministers of the USSR #463 "Of the BSSR National Economy Development Plan " of December 23, 1964.

The project included self-contained supply of water, heat, cold and compressed air.

Water is supplied from the three confined wells, each 240 metres deep (total discharge is 200 m³ per hour), through the deironing station with the production capacity of 2500 m³ per day.