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Useful properties of beer:


How to drink beer:

Many people think that beer can be drunk as one likes: even from a bottle on the go. It’s wrong. Beer should be drunk at an easy pace. The best vessel for it is a glass or ceramic mug (from 0.3l to 0.6l) or a high glass. Inner walls of a glass should be plain to let a beverage flow down smoothly.

Ceramics keep the temperature, while glass lets evaluate beer colour, transparence and head retention. Though Bavarians prefer drinking from metal incrusted mugs – probably Germans have no reason to doubt head retention. Beer can be tasted with a base of a tongue, which contains bitter taste receptors. However these are properties of light beer: it should have light short-term hop after-taste. But if bitterness does not disappear for a long time, so probably the beer is a low-quality one. Dark beer on the contrary has sweet after-taste. It can be drunk at room temperature (English and Irish people sometimes warm stout up). Light beer should be drunk cooled at the temperature of 6-10 ˚С. Beer is not recommended to be cooled in a freezer, as it loses its gustatory qualities at quick freeze.

It’s considered that beer should be drunk at three gulps: first half a mug, then half of the rest and finally the rest best. It’s true just in case beer is drunk without snacks in order to quench one’s thirst.

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Traditional Belarusian beer. The variety is prepared using a special combination of bitter and aromatic varieties of hop, thanks to which the beer has a rich taste and hop aroma, and has a soft hop bitterness.


Prepared artesian water, light barley brewer's malt, brewer's barley (B*), white sugar (S*), granulated hops. *The ingredients used are listed with an expiration code.

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Useful properties of beer How to drink beer
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